Social Security In the American System

Today, we live in a society that is completely unjust and unfair. When it comes to the distribution of wealth it becomes absolutely clear that it has only been given to a very limited people and the way that it has been distributed only ensures that the rich are made richer and the poor who actually, need the money to have no say in it no matter what. But though it might be true in a lot of other countries but that certainly is not the case in America. In America, you are all that matters. The people who vote are the true power and they are the ones who bend it and that is why a very careful policy has been cut out from the existing policies and it has been ensured that the resources of the country are not merely pointed towards the rich but a lot goes to the poor so that they can uplift themselves and make themselves a part of the richer lot. Till the time Social Security is in existence and its roots are deeply embedded into the system you do not have to feel alone as you will always have a helping hand that will look after the dough for your family.


Why Would You Need Social Security?

We always think that the economy is going to be better by the end of the year but we all know that there has been no year when this was actually true. You wait but never really see any improvement. And it is literally not possible for everyone to design a revolutionary product and become a billionaire so the options are very limited. And other than minimum wage jobs there are hardly any options and things like those do not even work enough to help you meet ends. And that is exactly where the need for Social Security arises. Even if you cut back on all your so-called luxuries and all the things that you need but hold back because you cannot afford even to put the dough on the table then believe that will not help. But with the backing up of the social security grants provided to various individuals, you will have a better chance than any.

What All is Included in Social Security?

The scope of Social Security is very vast and the government has tried to bring as many people into its fold as possible and there are a lot of people who are strictly in the need for financial resources and they have been well looked after in this distribution. Following are the extensions and inclusions of this program:
  • Old Age Pensions:- If you are retired or 65 years of age or above
  • Survivor’s benefit:- the compensation provided to the widowed person or a child after the death of the breadwinner
  • Family Benefit:- given for taking care of children
  • Medical care:- given in morbid conditions or even in pregnancy
  • Pregnancy benefits:- includes the benefits for the mother and the unborn child
  • Unemployment Benefits:- If the person is unable to find a job after suitable qualifications and the will to work
  • Sickness Leave Benefits:- given for the unpaid leaves that were taken due to the inability to work in a sick state
  • Disability benefits:- when a person is disabled partially or completely and needs assistance in day to day life and is also found to be incompetent to work then they are listed as the beneficiaries for this grant
  • Employment Injuries:- If and when a person is injured during a job or while performing various tasks in a job, they may or may not be disabled.

What Are The Needed Qualifications for Social Security?

Before knowing anything about the benefits of Social Security is of the utmost importance that you know all about the qualifications for it. These are not things that rely on merit or favor but rather they rely on the factor that you actually need the resources of the government as you are not able to manage on your own. Following are regarded as the important qualifications that you need to check on before you submit to get the benefits:
  • You should be the citizens of the country.
  • You should not be a minor.
  • The charges should not be of a fraudulent nature as that will not be tolerated
  • You have to make sure that you sign up for the right grant. E.g. if you are aged 65 or above then you can sign up for the penalty fund but not employment injuries as that would make no sense at all.
  • You should not be involved in any felony.
  • You will have to sign up every now and then to prove that you are still worthy of the funds.
  • Do not extend the limited time that is granted.

Benefits of Social Security

We are sure that you are already very well aware of the benefits that Social Security and the reasons as to why you should sign up for it but since we have been signed up to write about it and it is our responsibility to make you aware of it then there is no way that there will be anything left that you will not be told about. The main reason behind signing up should be the fact that you have landed the site of the program. We are sure this is not out of curiosity or some school project but the fact that you actually need it. The economy is not well and in that case, there is no way that your home is and if you do not have a helping hand then there is no way that you will be able to cope with all the financial strains.
In your day to day life, there are a hundred things that you will require the money for and the design of this product is such that the people who need it the most are the ones that get the best out of this. Whether you need the money for the life of an upcoming child or for the one that is growing up with you, we assure you that you will have it all.