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Social Security program was founded in the year 1935 and within this program, U.S. workers can earn income if they are eligible.  There are many programs that are categorized under social security with some specific rules. For average people Social Security is a complex thing and there are many questions that come in their mind when they think about social security.  Here are some commonly asked questions with answers to clear your doubts.


1. When I am eligible?
 To avail full retirement benefits your age should be 65 depending upon the year you were born and it can be as late as age 65. People also go for early retirement and avail benefits at the age of 62, but in such a case a part of the monthly income is reduced. Similarly, if you postpone taking benefits your monthly income gets a hike.

2. How my eligibility is determined?
This is simple to avail social security benefits you have to earn credits while you’re working years. If you are not earning you don’t own any credits. There are provisions in case of private jobs.  If you are a government employee then there is a big chance that your social security benefits are reduced and in some cases totally eliminated.

3. How much I have to pay the SS tax?
As of 2019, you will have to pay 6.2% of your total income as a social security tax and your employers contribute to this and pay the other part 6.2%. If you are a freelancer or have your own business then you have to pay both the parts to avail your SS benefits.

4. How much I will get?
The amount is going to totally depend upon the amount you have earned in your lifetime. There are Social Security calculators where you can easily check the amount you will get. If you have collected 40SS credits then visit to get an approximate estimation of your earnings.
5. What is the spousal benefit?
A spousal benefit is the category of the social security in which spouse can receive the benefits in case of demise of the partner and social security account holder. There are some conditions applied such as spouse must have a work record, must be receiving disability/retirement benefits and the nonworking partner must be at least 62 years of age. Spouses who are widow are eligible to receive 100% of the SS partner’s benefits.

6. How can I apply for social security benefits?
There are 3 ways by which you can apply for SS benefits
1.       Go to your nearby SS office
2.       By phone:- 800-772-1213
3.       Online at
No matter which mode you choose to apply you must provide them with information and documents they will ask for. Documents like your birth certificate, Form SSA-1. According to the SSA you must apply 4 months before your SS benefits start.

7. Can I receive SS benefits while I am working?
Yes, in some cases one can avail SS benefits while they are working. If you have reached retirement age and want to work and earn you can do that and also receive your SS benefits at the same time. In case you are under the retirement age in that case benefits are reduced temporarily. The reduction amount is $1 for every $2 of the income you have earned. The money which is deducted does not get lost instead credited in your SS accounts and you will receive it when you will reach the full retirement age.

8. Do I have to pay taxes on social security?
Yes, and this will depend upon your income. Couples who file joint tax return and if their combined earnings are $32,000-$44,000 then they will have to pay 50% tax for their SS benefits. In case the amount is above $44,000 then it is 85%. People who file single tax returns and their income are between $25,000-$34,000 will have to pay 50% and above 85%.

9. How Social Security Works?
Social Security is a welfare program for the citizens of the United States.  Current workers who are earning pay a set amount which they can avail back when they get retired or face any mishap in their lives. There are different types of social security benefits such as disability benefits, retirement benefits, and spouse benefits. There are Medicare and few other categories of social security as well. Any money that is leftover goes to trust funds to cover the existing contributors to cover the program obligations.
10. Is social security in trouble?
Social Security is a huge program and it faces some challenges, for instance, the current worker's ration to retirees is hugely declining. In simple words, the workers who are paying are less equal to retirees who are drawing money from the system. Also, people are living longer and collecting benefits for number of years. According to the trustees from the year 2020, the cost of the retirement program will exceed and it will have to begin dipping into the $3trillion fund to cope up the difference. Under the existing projections, SS will pay benefits until 2035.

11. Can I hire a lawyer for Social Security benefits?
There is legal help that you can get from the social security lawyers in case your applications are being consistently denied or you face issues in submitting your application.  Professionals are having the expertise and are equipped with all the social security information. They can guide you in the best manner and help you get your benefits without any challenge. If you have lost your partner or claiming for disability benefit then it is best to go for professional help.

Social security programs also keep on changing from time to time and you must keep updated so that you do not miss any update.  Social security administrator website or is the best place where you can find all the information related to Social security updates and changes. There are different tools like social security calculators and forums from where you can avail more information.