Social Security in the American System

Today we live in a society that is made to be nothing but unjust and unfair not only in the terms of the profession but also the money that is generated further The design is such that most of the money that is produced in all the actions of production in the economy remains in the hands of the masters and while the people who have been in the need of it do not enjoy even one percent of it These people who are not getting the money are also the ones that are spending most of their time and for what? And as an answer to this very norm, the government has made sure that the people who are struggling financially due to this imbalance should not suffer. To combat this they have made Social Security exclusively for you.


Why Would You Need Social Security?

If you feel like you are not being paid what you are owed and what you deserve then we assure you that we think you are correct In many situations you must have seen that people who are way less deserving than you and people who work way less than you are the very people who are very high on social strata and we are sure that it must annoy you as much as it annoys us but this becomes even more intolerable when this unfairness leads to a situation where you cannot even make the meets end. And that is where the Social Security steps up. It is a helping hand that has been designed for people especially like you so that who have been fighting the unjust society on their own and are out of resources now The motive of this program is to help you to be equipped to deal with all that life throws at you.

What All Benefits are Included in Social Security?

Whether you have been benefitted from Social Security before or not you must still have a lot of questions regarding it and we are here to help you every step of the way. Here we are just going to mention some of the many benefits that you get through this program. Following are the extensions and inclusions of this program out of which some will be discussed in details to help you understand the uses of it:
  • Old Age Pensions
  • Survivor’s benefit
  • Medical care
  • Pregnancy benefits
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • Sickness Leave Benefits
  • Disability benefits
  • Employment Injuries

Various Plans Under Social Security

As we have already discussed, there are various plane under the Social Security and though you might not know them just as yet but we have to tell you about a few of them so that you can understand how this system has been designed to help you out of your misery and how what kind of people can go after it to seek benefits.
  1. Disability Benefits: Living with a disability is already hard but it is not the only side of the coin that you need to see There are various aspects to people who are disabled are very strong and self-sufficient but to support themselves there are little job opportunities and mechanical equipment like prosthetics and such help can cost a fortune. So, this benefit is aimed at providing for them.
  2. Old Age or Retirement Benefits: A very big fault of the system lies in the old-age pensions. Industries naturally assume that as you get old the expenses get reduced and you start getting the half of what you used to get but that is not nearly enough. If you are 65 or above and check various boxes then you will get an estimate of $1413 per month to help you live with pride.
  3. Pregnancy Benefit: When a lady is expecting she not only has to take care of her upcoming child but also of herself and to top of the medical bills there are also the days that she cannot work because of her fragile state. But do not worry as you are not in the dark. When you are expecting you will get a hefty amount of dollar bills for the infant that you are about to bring to the world and yourself.
These are very few examples of the many benefits that are added under this program.

What Are The Needed Qualifications for Social Security?

We are hopeful that with the help of the little information that we have provided on Social Security there must be a lot that is of use to you and we are sure that your hope and some of the faith must be restored again but before we get onto conclusions there is one thing that you really need to know. It is not about the system but the people who qualify for it. The design of this system is such that most needful should get it before the less needful so you will need to check a few boxes before you will be allowed to take the benefits home for months. Following are regarded as the important qualifications that you need to have before you can be made a part of the program:
  • You have been a citizen of the country
  • You should be above 8 as that is the legal age
  • You cannot take the money as that would be a fraud and will be treated as a felony
  • You have to make sure that you take up the right grant. It would make no sense if a pregnant lady signs up for pension grant and thus her application will not be accepted
  • You should not be a convicted felon  
  • You will have to prove every other month that you are still deserving of the grant do not use the grant for more time than needed. If the officials find out then you can be sure that you will be charged heavily in the form of money and prison time.