Turn back the tables: How To Appeal For The Social Security Denial?

Social security is one program that can help you in the times when you are in a poor financial condition. For example, you lost your job, you lost your earning spouse, you met an accident and got disabled, Medicare benefits, and much more is what you get with the social security benefits. However, it is not easy to receive them as you have to go through a strict eligibility condition. You have to pay for the social security taxes, and you have to be clear about what you are investing and what fruits you will enjoy out of it.  Also, keep in mind that it is likely that your social security disability application gets denied not one or two times, but many. 
The question is, can we add more appeal to it to make social security possible after denial? The good news is YES.  If you add more appeal to your application, your application can go for reconsideration.


Get started

It will depend upon you whether or not you were to appeal to the administrative decision. The first thing you will have to do is to request writing sixty days from the day you received the denial letter. The administration assumes that the recipient receives the letter after the five days it has been posted; however, you can always show them the date. There are commonly 3-4 levels of filing an appeal which are
  1. First is the reconsideration of the letter
  2. Hearing by the administrative law judge
  3. Reapplication review by the council
  4. Review by a federal court
The god news for you is that when you receive your denial letter, you also get clear instructions on how you can claim for the appeal decision. According to the experts in denial condition, one must take the aid of an expert from the industry. You must hire a social security lawyer because this is going to raise the chances of getting your application accepted. They know what needs to be added or what dismissing in your use. They also guide you through the entire process, making things easy for you. Also, they know how to receive more benefits by considering the factors which average people might not know about social security benefits.

Reconsideration of the application

Revision is the first level of the appeal in which a thorough review of your request is given.  A different administration member completes this process. The expert is going to look at each of the documents and will verify it. He/she will also review when your application was submitted, and all the new pieces of evidence included as well.  This reconsideration is not done in your presence, however, if you believe your condition has improved but you still cannot work, in such a situation, you must meet the administration and tell them why you still cannot work. 

Hearing by the law judge

The second level is reviewing your application by the federal judge. If you disagree with the denial decision ten, it is your right to appeal for the hearing. Your judge is going to be the one who has no role earlier in processing your social security application. The interview is conducted between the sent five miles of your home, and your judge is going to decide the time and place for which you will be notified earlier. You and your representative are going to attend your hearing where you can present all your new pieces of evidence, further information and can tell the judge in person why you are eligible for the SS benefits.  The judge is going to ask you some questions, and also any witnesses you have along with you. Your witness can be your doctor, any other medical representative looking after you.  In case you do not want to attend the hearing, you must also notify the administration in advance. Disable people can connect with the federal judge through video conferencing. If the national decides that your presence is essential in court, you must attend the hearing. When the judge gets to a decision, you will be notified via letter, and there will be a copy of the judicial decisions as well. 

Appeals council

If you are not satisfied with the decision of the federal judge, then you will have to reach this level where the social security appeals council reviews your application.  Here all the requests are discussed, and they can also at once put your use in denial if they think that the decision made by a federal judge is correct. If the council decides to review your case, then there are two possibilities if your case is itself extreme, or it will be returned to the law judge for further discussion. If your application is rejected, you will be informed via letter.

Federal court

This is the last level to take your social security denial application.  If you are not satisfied with the decisions of the three degrees, then you can file a lawsuit in the federal court. The court will notify you through a letter regarding actions taken.
Note:- Get your file prepared by a social security representative to raise your chances of social security appeal for denial. 

There are many ways open for an individual through which they can get their application reconsidered.  It is vital to hire a representative for yourself to prepare the documentation. There is a social security representative who works on such a case without taking any money. You must check out the social security administration website where you will get all the details about your social security number, benefits, and even the representatives. It is also clear that a social security representative cannot collect any fee from an individual without informing the social security administration.  Expert help is always going to make challenges easy for you. If your application is getting denied every time, then these are the four levels that you can consider to get your denial approved.