Social Security:- Right Of Every Citizen

Being legal citizens of any state, we get many benefits, and it is our right as well.  One such right is social security, and it is imperative, and everyone has a right to it. Through social assistance and social welfare provision, states can guarantee financial assistance or say protection to every citizen. The most critical assistance must be provided to the vulnerable members of the society, such as disable and older adults or events such as accidents, unemployed, illness, accident, and other undesirable situations in life that can make people fail to earn for their living.  Every state must realize the importance and right of receiving social security benefits through various measures to provide security through cash, which will help individuals and their family members so that at least they can get shelter, food, essential health care, sanitation, and water along with the necessary education. Due to the redistributive the upshot, the right to social security is of extreme importance in social cohesion and inclusion, including reducing the poverty rate in the state.


Another important thing is that social security must be provided to individuals on a non-discriminatory basis. The concept of social security should be completely transparent and through fiancés. Social security can vary from one state to another.

Overview of Social Security

 Social security is a federal program in the US, and it was founded in 1935. There are different programs under social security like a veteran's pension, disability income, public housing, etc., and it is the right of every American citizen who pays social security taxes. With the aid of the social security income, one can receive financial assistance until death.

Key Points

  • The social security system gets payment from the payroll taxes, which employers and employees pay from their income. Each pays 6.2% on their first income, $137,700 annually (2020).
  • The average retirement age is 66 for those who are born from 1943-1954, and this age barrier increases to 67 for those individuals who are born in the year 1960 or later.
  • If individuals have earned 40 credits in ten years are eligible for the SS benefits.
  • It would be best if you produced supplement income and SSs benefit reliability like pension, savings, and IRA.
  • The social security benefits are calculated by their average earnings from their 35 utmost income-generating years.

Social security is your right, and to guarantee smooth income from the time of work to retirement, you must apply for it approximately three months before you get retired. Social security benefits are among the most significant financial assistance program available for the Americans. There are other countries where social security benefits are in effect. There is meticulous management to states concerning their obligations to reverence, fulfill, and guard the social security right. The right includes below mentioned essential features.

Social Risks and Contingencies

Social security systems of states must provide for different coverage of the critical nine primary branches. 

  1. Disability
  2. Health care
  3. Unemployment
  4. Child support and family
  5. Orphans and survivors
  6. Sickness
  7. Maternity
  8. Employment injury
  9. Old age

Ease of use

All the states having social security system must not ignore the availability and should make benefits available to address related impacts on livelihood.  Such a system can be synchronized or administrated by the state and sustainable to afford permanence over generations.


Social security benefits provided to the individuals must be sufficient in both duration and amount to make sure that the beneficiaries realize the right towards their family fortification and support, an appropriate living standard, and access to the facilities related to health care. To make such facilities possible, states must monitor criteria from time to time that will help determine the adequacy.  When you are contributing towards the social security scheme that helps them in covering income when required the most, and there should be a reliable connection between paid contributions, earnings, and relevant social security perks. 


There are 5 vital elements for social security access which are

  1. Eligibility
  2. Coverage
  3. Information
  4. Participation
  5. Affordability

All these five elements must be covered in the social security system by the state, especially the most marginalized and disadvantaged groups, without any prejudice on any proscribed ground and subject to due process. Noncontributory schemes are essential to ensure universal coverage. There should be reasonable qualifying conditions transparent and proportionate. Any contributions that are required under the scheme must be declared in advance and must be affordable for all, and also human rights must not be compromised.

Everyone should have easy access to all the information related to social security entitlements, and they should be easily able to access information and benefits so that they can quickly fulfill the contribution requirements, with specified intent provided to the individuals with the disabilities, conflict areas, migrants, a person living in disaster-prone or remote areas.

These are the detailed guidance provided to the state so that they can implement them in the social security scheme.  Social security is a highly relevant scheme though it cannot be a total income as you must be supplementing it with other income resources. There are many different schemes under social security for disabled people, spouse benefits, children, survivors, etc.  If you are a city where social security is offered, and you must not ignore this valuable help you earn by paying social security taxes.

There is an official website of social security administration, which you can check out regularly to know about the latest updates made in the scheme as it might vary from state to state.  If you pay for social security taxes, you must have a social security account where every bit of information is provided. Also, you have a social security number and social security card where you have this critical number that will be of great importance until death.  Ensure that you keep it safe and can use it for various legal operations like getting life insurance.