Answers To All Your Questions To Get Your SSA Hearing Dates

Corona Pandemic is not going to end soon and we cannot sit at home. Businesses and services are getting back on track, but everything has to move on with some rules and regulations. In Corona times many people in United States are looking towards their social security benefits, which are a long process, but still there are services being provided by the SSA. In case you are waiting for your hearing or have any questions in mind then this F&Q section is going to help.


Is envoy payee monitoring continuing during corona times?

Yes it is being continuing and P&A networks will be conducting new monitoring reviews of the representative payee in person. This will be happening when the local and state conditions reviews and permits can b conducted safely while other practices like social distancing with PPE. Reviews might also be conducted via telephones and video calling.  Protection and advocacy payees will comply with the centers guidelines for prevention’s social distancing and disease control.

What should I do in case I miss my hearing date?

There will be a number listed on the hearing notice and you must immediately contact then in case you miss your hearing. This needs to be done immediately.  In case you are not getting valid numbers then you can also take the help of hearing office locator app to get the right numbers.

It is completely understood that we are all fighting with the corona and there are many situations in front of us and that can be the reason of missing your hearing. You will also have to explain why you missed your hearing date and for that you are going to get an email from the social security administration.  It will be a request to show cause for failure to appear. This notice provides opportunity to explain why you failed to attend your hearing.

What should I do in case I missed the deadline of filing my hearing?

SSA understands completely what you are going through and they are also going to give you another chance.  Again you are going to get an email to explain why you failed to attend the hearing and if you answer are acceptable you will get a solution to file your hearing request. You must talk to the representatives of SSA to get to know what step you should take ahead.

Can I only have my hearing by phone?

No telephone is not the only medium to complete your hearing. This is due to the reason that SSA offices are temporarily closed due to COVID-19 pandemic. Telephonic hearing is only for those who cannot wait longer to the things to be back on track again. When a representative calls you to fix a date of hearing you must agree to it or request postpones date of your hearing.  In case you are not comfortable with a telephonic call then you must postpone or wait.  In case you decline your telephonic hearing request, but changed your mind later then you must approach local hearing office to have a date rescheduled. At the end of this year SSA will also be introducing facility of video calling to schedule hearing dates. This will be another option ready for you till the end of 2020.

Has social security administration considered video calling hearings like court systems?

Yes, along with other options like telephonic hearings as this will improve SSA services and make things comfortable in the corona times. Claimants will be able to attend their hearings via video calling till December. High clarity video calling experience will be provided to the claimants. These way claimants will enjoy a clear picture, audio, private and safe environment which is ideal for social security hearings.

How will office confirm hearing appearance manner for me?

Hearings are conducted by administrative law judges and these are telephonic hearings right now.  Now a telephonic hearing agreement is sent to the claimants instead of sending them for an in person hearing.  You can also download this form from appointed representative services website to complete and upload on the same website. In case you are not having access to ARS then you can also send SSA fax.

On the form you will complete every step and submit your form so that you can provide information where to reach you.

SSA office also accept verbal confirmation for which you can call them

Keep in mind that your appointment will not be secluded until SSA is going to get your consent. If they are not getting any responses from you they will not conduct any hearing or if it is conducted it will be postponed for which you will have to again call them. You can also wait for the video conferencing services to be effective soon.

How to make sure I am ideally appointed representative for my claimant before hearing?

It is important that at the SSA is having your file of hearing and your appointment as a representative with the SSA. For representative appointment to be idea the file of the claimant must have proper documents, signs and should be complete which form SSA-1696 is. There are several documents which you will find on the website regarding this and your representative just needs to fulfill all the demands.

What is an ideal way to file fee petition?

First of all your appointed representative is going to receive hearing decision  and in case he intends to claim  fee petition  then the most effective way is to first approach Contact OHO Office which is featured in ARS. For those who are not having electronic records or who have been terminated before from their services must fax their fee petition.

These are the few questions that can help you know about your hearings and its procedures. To know more you must keep visting social security administration website and get updates.  In case you need to postpone or reschedule your hearing dates you must get the hearing office locator so that you can instantly find the important numbers and get answers to your questions.