What Do You Need To Know About Second Stimulus Check, As A Social Security Recipient?

Are you a Social Security recipient? If yes, then it is vital to be familiar with the ins and outs of second stimulus checks because there are some special rules related to it. Many Social Security recipients try to clear out their queries related to second stimulus checks. If you are one of them, then don’t panic at all. Today, we would cover some vital things regarding second stimulus checks, which are important for Social Security recipients.

What Do You Need To Know About Second Stimulus Check, As A Social Security Recipient?

The IRS is working with the SSA

The IRS takes the necessary information they need to process and send second stimulus checks from the previous year’s tax return of people. This information can also be used by the tax agency they collected from online tools so that they can distribute first-round stimulus checks. But for Social Security recipients, the company can get information from the IRS’s disposal. When it comes to retirees, the IRS will take vital information from the Social Security Administration because they did not file a tax return. Another source from where they can get info includes government departments or companies from non-filers who are a recipient of Survivor or Disability Benefits (SSDI), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), veteran’s benefits, and Railroad Retirement benefits.

The process should go in the right direction as the IRS could get info from the SSA to process a first-round stimulus check. But for those Social Security recipients who did not file the tax return of the previous year, they were not sure to receive a first-round stimulus check.

Status can be tracked

There is a popular online tool by the IRS that will allow you to track the status of your stimulus checks either first or second. Moreover, you can also confirm the type of payment, including direct deposit or paper check. This tool will help you to get a projected paper check or direct deposit delivery date. The name of this tool is ‘Get My Payment’ portal. This tool is beneficial for Social Security recipients as they can use this portal for tracking the payment’s status, no matter whether they have filed a tax return. However, this tool can be used for providing bank account info. The IRS will take the information only if it is available from the SSA.

A Social Security recipient might not get all the money if they have dependent children

If a Social Security recipient has dependent children aged 16 years old or younger, they might not get all the money they are qualified to in the second stimulus check. If a recipient does not send the IRS info about their kids by the needed date, in case he/she does not file a previous year’s return, then they would not get an additional $600 for every kid to their second stimulus check. However, recipients can claim the additional $600 amount per child as a recovery rebate tax credit upon filing for the next year’s tax return. Of course, you will still get paid, but you need to wait for claiming it.

A stimulus check won’t impact suitability for government benefits

It is true that most of the Social Security recipients are also taking advantage of other government benefits. To become eligible for these extra benefits, your income is considered. But, a second stimulus check will not impact your income to determine the suitability for federal government support or benefit programs. For instance, a second stimulus payment is not counted as income and is not included from resources for twelve months to make a recipient qualified for benefits under different federal programs, including Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, HUD housing assistance, or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.  

Second stimulus checks will be provided to Representative Payees

For those who have a representative payee, the IRS will deliver a second stimulus check to the payee utilizing the same method. A payee will get a monthly benefit via any of the payment methods, such as Direct Express, Direct Deposit, or Paper Check. Make sure you know the check belongs to you. The law states that the whole payment can only be utilized for your benefit. Representative payees use a second stimulus check for the advantage of another individual, then they are entitled to a 5000 dollars civil penalty and they could need to pay back the double amount of money utilized for the other individual. There may be other penalties according to the law.

The SSA does not need authority to determine or examine whether stimulus checks have been misused. But, the Social Security Administration gets an accusation that payments were not used in the place of the beneficiary. The SSA has full rights to examine the possible misuse of the Social Security benefit payments of the beneficiary and they can also make a decision that a representative payee is no longer appropriate and assign a new payee.

A recipient could get a second-round stimulus check for a deceased partner/spouse

Recipients who died before 2020, are not qualified to get a second-round stimulus check. It is mentioned in the new law that sanctions a second check. It is presumed that if a person died in 2020, he/she can get a payment. So, if a Social Security recipient and other people who had their spouse died in 2020, they could get a 600 dollars second stimulus checks for their dead partners.

The IRS has not given any confirmation yet that people who died in 2020 are undeniably entitled to get a second stimulus check. Consequently, if recipients get a second stimulus payment for a deceased person, they might be interested in holding onto the money, until they make sure if the IRS is going to get the money back. They may want to save the money rather than spending it.

To know more about the first or second stimulus checks’ eligibility and status, you must look online or you may take the support of the attorney, who is knowledgeable and expertise in handling such matters. Some professional attorneys will manage issues related to stimulus checks for Social Security recipients, hire them.