Importance of social security

Social security is not just a source of income but your right because it responds to the universal requirement for shielding against some social needs and life risks. Efficiently working social security systems assure health protection as well as income security, thereby causative to the reduction and prevention of inequality and poverty, and it also promotes human dignity and social enclosure. This is done due to the provision of benefits, in-kind or cash, intension is to make sure that the beneficiaries can have assured health and medical services as well as social security throughout life, especially in situations like employment injury, illness, invalidity, unemployment, family breadwinner, family responsibilities, and maternity as well as retirement.


Social security systems are extremely important therefore constitute a vital investment in the worker's well-being and even as a whole community is benefitted. Social security systems also facilitate vocational training, education of children, essential goods, nutrition, and several other services. In associated with other policies SS also contributes to improving employability and productivity, and to economic success alike. For enterprises and employers SS assist in maintaining a workforce that is stable and can easily adapt to the changes. Finally, it strengthens social consistency and therefore adds to developing social peace, fair globalization, and inclusive societies by making sure people's decent living.

The caucus and commendations which decide the ILO's standards scaffold on SS is novel: they set minimum protection standards to direct the expansion of benefit schemes and national SS systems are founded on excellent practices from all the regions of the planet. They are based on the principles which are no single social security model and that it is for every country to build the necessary safety. For this objective, a wide range of alternatives and suppleness clauses for the successful achievement of the options of the universal population coverage and risks associated with the society through enough advantages levels. The standards also include implementation, financing, evaluation, and governance of SS systems and schemes, associated with the human rights-based approach. We live in a globalized world, in which people prone to huge economic risks are, it is clear that a momentous social protection national policy can lend attenuation of the negative impacts of crises. For this reason, the international labor conference adopted a novel too in the year 2021.  

 Importance of social security for seniors

Seniors are the most affected when it comes to financial security because they are no longer capable of working and earn with the enthusiasm they once had in their younger ages. If older citizens have social security poverty can be reduced among them. there are 12% of senior citizens who are living in poverty and more than 50% are going to face a similar situation if there will be no social security system. 30% or more old people derive 90%income through the social security program and the other 2/3rd receives 50% of their total income from the same.

Even After including SS benefits the household income of the elderly is below $18,000 and for those who have middle income, SS provides 66% of the overall income.  Although many older people have money from their savings or any other assets they have built, it just contributes ten percent of the overall household income of the middle income of older citizens. On the other hand side, employment-based pensions lend 14% income assistance for this group.

Every senior citizen should retire with dignity and should be capable to run his/her house without needing the assistance of their children or any other relative. This is why you should know how important it is to have social security. There are many older citizens who struggle because of the economic downtown and social security can provide instant relief in such situations. In case you become disable or retirement age you must have a financial backup that will protect them. There are around 54 million Americans who are living a burden-free life just because of the social security back up.  Also, there are 38 million retirees and their families are taking advantage of it, ten million Americans who are facing disabilities, and six million survivors of the deceased are also taking aid from the social security benefits.

For the majority of Americans, social security is the only income source, or say key income source.  In fact, there are more than half of recipients aged sixty-five or over are relying on it as fifty percent of the income source is this system. It is lifetime protection, especially for elderly women.  Moreover, social security is not just for retirees but also survivors. Social security is among the largest antipoverty programs for the disabled, children, and also young people and is especially for the minor communities.

Why social security is strengthened and protected so badly?

Every year several efforts are made to strengthen the social security system so that the lives of the citizens can be harmonized.  The motive behind the social security system is to reward the hard work of every citizen with dignity no matter what is the case of early death or retirement. Social security is forced to be preserved and efforts are made to make it a more reliable system for the citizens. Social security is a robust program and every citizen can take full advantage of it. The administration and president of America make sure that no beneficiaries ever see a decrease in their social security in fact it is steered towards making maximum over years.

Strengthening retirement

Social security motivates people to save on their own for your retirement because there are millions of earning Americans who lack retirement plans in their organizations which can affect them in the future. Social security encourages people with simple rules and processes so that they can have retirement money with dignity and can get them without any shame or pressure. Social security is very important for all, not just you but your family as well, so make sure you never ignore it and learn more and more about it if you haven't till now.